Thursday, July 21, 2005


Hugh Hewitt

PSAYINGS.5Q.46. Hubris is a sin. You can get away with a little of it, but there's a line you can't cross without experiencing consequences. Lumpy, author of the Lump on a Blog website posted a heretical challenge to the orthodoxy of the Center Right Blogosphere on July 19 at 3:52 pm. The whole post was dangerously disrespectful, but here's the most serious blasphemy:

Civilization is a thin veneer that separates us from the hardships of raw survival. While Western civilization has provided us with the opportunity to enjoy the more heady pursuits, our love affair with our own minds often precludes us from taking concrete steps to ensure our continued survival, and often blinds us to the obvious.

Nowhere is this thinking more prevalent than in the consciousness of the liberal. But it is also present in the consciousness of those who choose to deny the evident. Whatever its intention, such a mind provides an avenue for our enemies to ensure restraint in our response, transforming the goal of success into certain failure. It is the unsharpened mind of complacency. In times of peace, such a mind may have much to offer, but in a time of war it is a hindrance to victory.

In the struggle for life and death - when civilization itself is at stake - there exists no greater potential for failure than worshipping an idea which aids the enemy in his quest for our destruction. All that I ask of the detractors of Rep. Tom Tancredo is that they take a moment and think on what I have written. Hugh Hewitt’s admonishment of those who disagree with his position is clearly reactionary and does not contribute to a reasonable debate on the issue. I hold Hugh in the highest regard and he is a man who has earned the respect of bloggers everywhere. He is one reason that I started blogging. The few times that I have found his posts to be reactionary are far outnumbered by my own amateurish oversights. From Hugh’s post:

I want to be very clear on this. No responsible American can endorse the idea that the U.S. is in a war with Islam. That is repugnant and wrong, and bloggers and writers and would-be bloggers and writers have to choose sides on this, especially if you are a center-right blogger. The idea that all of Islam is the problem is a fringe opinion. It cannot be welcomed into mainstream thought because it is factually wrong.

Mr. Hewitt, at the risk of ending my blogging career prematurely, I challenge your assertion that my belief is factually wrong. This is not a war on terror to me – it is a war of civilizations. Convince me that I am wrong.

You say my belief is “on the fringe”, but you fail to note that this has no bearing on its truth. Perhaps you are right, but I have yet to see any real data which settles this dispute one way or the other.

You claim a majority opinion, but how informed is this majority opinion? Put this question to a poll but first ask yourself how many of the respondents could claim any knowledge of Islamic history, the current war on terror, contemporary Islamic society, the proclamations of the Koran, and the current strength or weakness of the fascist movement within Islam?

That's going too far, Mr. Lumpy. You were willing to risk ending your blogging career prematurely? Consider it done. At 12 noon, Pacific Daylight Time, Hugh Hewitt formally excommunicated you from the Internet. From this moment forward, you are banned from blogging. You may not sign onto the Internet under any user name whatsoever on any computer. For the rest of your life. In a release issued to the press by the Office of Center-Right Blogosphere Orthodoxy, Mr. Hewitt said:

"It pains us to be compelled to take such an irrevocable decision, but we have made it clear in our encyclicals that we are not to be disputed or questioned on these matters. We have therefore had no alternative to imposing punishment."

Let this be a warning to all who dare to disagree with the pronouncements of the CRB, which was officially organized a few days ago. Its authority is absolute, and it brooks no dissent among the faithful.

Lumpy. Requiescat in pace.

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