Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Predicting the Weather

The latest computer models of Rita's path.

BRILLIANT. It seems like a good time to remind one and all that the predictions about where Hurricane Rita will make landfall, at what force, are based on the same kind of computer modelling technology that "proves" global warming. Except, of course, that the data entered for Hurricane Rita are likely to be much more accurate and reliable than global temperature data which is, at best, a mere sample of a sample. Yet, today, all the meteorologists who are certain that the planet is getting hotter are at pains to tell us no one knows exactly what Rita will do in the next two or three days.

They can (and would) nitpick this argument to death, but they can't explain away the bald fact that they expect us to believe they can predict the temperature for the next century when they can't speak with certainty about a huge weather event that is unfolding right under their noses in the present.

I know that makes us much more devoted to the Kyoto protocols. How about you?

UPDATE. La Malkin is keeping track of all the newest predictions, as well as the political grandstanding that makes the whole situation so much fun.

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