Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Cowboys walk all over Eagles,
30-something to 10

PSAYINGS.5S.9-11. We think the graphic is kind of hypnotic. Maybe Dallas used something like this Sunday to make last year's National Conference Champion look like a bad Ivy League Team (apologies to the non-elitest Harriet Miers haters). Or maybe it was just a poor outing by a good team suffering from a few too many injuries and mental lapses early in the season. Because hypnotic really shouldn't work on a group of guys whose fans ritually spell their name -- again and again and again and again -- in a drunken bellow: I-G-G-L-E-S... IGGLES!

It's okay, though. It's not as bad as being the Yankees today.

Are you sure this is how the Red Sox got so glamorous?

Coming soon from Andrew Lloyd Webber... Damn Yankees: The Revival.

Ha ha ha. But if you're from Philly, every 'ha' is hollow this week. The Iggles losed.

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