Wednesday, October 26, 2005

An then yer arse fell aff.*

George Galloway, MP, Scottish Traitor

BRITS.3.5-9. People who are truly concerned about criminality in politics should quit foaming at the mouth about Rove for a minute and look at this item from yesterday's Drudge Report:


George Galloway has strongly refuted new allegations that he pocketed money from Saddam Hussein's scandal ridden oil-for-food programme and lied about it under oath.

The US Senate committee investigating the Respect MP's alleged involvement in the saga claims to have discovered 85,000 (150,000 dollars) in Iraqi oil money in his wife's bank account.

Mr Galloway may face criminal charges if found to have given false testimony to the committee when he defended himself against similar claims in a passionate showdown earlier this year.

The Senate Permanent Subcommittee on Investigations has accused him of giving "false and misleading testimony" at the May 17 hearing.

Mr Galloway, who used the headline-grabbing appearance as the basis for a new book, denied being an oil trader, soliciting oil allocations or instructing anyone to do so on his behalf.

He also denied being a thief, a liar, a perjurer, a bully, and a disgrace to Scotland.

*Translation found here.

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