Friday, October 28, 2005

The Plame Blame

Scooter's in trouble.

RERUN. A man with gray hair should never be called Scooter. You're supposed to leave that crap behind on the playing fields of Groton or Choate or wherever. That was his first mistake. The second was cooperating with the investigation of a special prosecutor. As the Martha Stewart case demonstrated, there is no longer any fifth amendment protection against self incrimination when the feds are involved. If you refuse to incriminate yourself, you are indicted for perjury. Never mind that the crime for which you failed to incriminate yourself was not a crime at all, which is why, of course, a nonpartisan special prosecutor who has wasted two years chasing a wisp of political gossip is absolutely compelled to indict somebody for lying about whatever he said or did after not committing a crime.

This would all be mildly amusing if it weren't so laughably ludicrous. Now the libs have what they want (or part of it), and just watch them salivate and slobber and stammer with indignation about the vileness of a crime that used to be committed on a daily basis by the President they revere so much they're determined to put his perjurer wife in the Oval Office.

We'll stand by what we've already said about this fictitious outrage: it's not even plausible enough to make a bad TV series (NSFW).

Fitzgerald is nonpartisan. In a pig's eye.

Then again, the defendant's name is Scooter. Sounds like an impasse to us.

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