Thursday, November 10, 2005

In passing...

. It's not nice and it's not fair, but when we read the following tidbit in a Mark Steyn movie review, we couldn't resist sharing it with you:

Elizabethtown opens with Drew Baylor in big trouble. He’s managed to design a shoe that has lost his company $972 million. So he gets fired by his boss, Alec Baldwin. Mr Baldwin, you’ll recall, had pledged to leave America if George W Bush won the 2000 election. If he did, he evidently settled in the Somerset village of Lardbutt Magna, or maybe Colombe-Les-Deux-Butterscotch-Puddings. Man, has he bulked up. He doesn’t seem like a shoe executive watching his profits disappear, he’s more of a choux executive making his profiteroles disappear. He’s turning into Marlon Brando, but without having made any classic movies first, unless you count the Thomas The Tank Engine picture, and, if they ever re-make that, he can play the title role.


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