Sunday, November 13, 2005


Oh, stop it.

Eire 8 posted a long post in the summer of 2004 -- back when Failed Candidate Kerry was wriggling around with his vote to start the Iraq war. The question Eire 8 wanted answered -- which remains unasked and unanswered -- and the question that should be asked/answered now is this:

Why did they [Congress] cede their constitutional authority to such a man [President Bush] -- a man they speak of as if they never regarded him as fit for the role of commander-in-chief?

And the follow-up:

Why "PRESIDENTIAL DETERMINATION" seemed like such a great idea in 2002 and is such a dreadful idea now?

To these questions should be added: When will the resignations start?

Like De Niro in Casino said to the local in charge of the slot machines after a particular machine awarded three consecutive jackpots, "Either you were in on it or you were too dumb to see it coming -- either way, you're out." Note: Our memory of the scene plays much better than it does in the movie.

Read Eire 8's entire post for the details -- it's Sunday, afterall. And let's start to hear a cry for the resignations of these admitted incompetents.

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