Monday, December 12, 2005

Help for Howard Dean

He's at it again. We really want to be of assistance.

THE EASY WAY. It's hard to know what to do for a man who's as bright as a Roman candle, firing off in all directions without illuminating anything but his own stupidity. You can't engage him in rational discussion because behind the Yale accent there's nothing but a tempestuous twit. You can't persuade him to read books that might replace the sour pudding in his head with information because he's 1) a politician and 2) a doctor, which means that he's 1) incapable of reading more than a sentence or two at a sitting and 2) pretty sure he's infallible. You can't beat any sense into him because it's against the law and probably wouldn't work anyway. It's enough to make a person despair.

So we typed in the address, and guess what we found? The perfect kind of vehicle for helping Dean and the Democrats through the vale of tears they have so determinedly created for themselves. They're in the form of motivational posters -- beautiful photographs, simple wording, and wise perspectives on a variety of liberal maladies. For example, we'd suggest that Dean's secretary put up the following posters -- one for each wall -- in the DNC chairman's office:

And here's one to put up in the office of every staffer at the DNC:

And, finally, one that should be mailed to all the rank-and-file afflicted with Bush Derangement Syndrome:

No, the posters probably won't change anything, but at least we took a shot at it.

P.S. By all means go take a look at You could even buy something and SEND it to a Democrat.

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