Friday, December 16, 2005

Molly Ivins

PSAYINGS.5A.11. I'm not going to beat up on her or even fisk her. I'm simply going to show you the first paragraphs of her column in today's Texas Bleat (or whatever rag is so lout-brained as to pay for her words) and a link to the rest.

Ivins: Despite Bush's claims, situation grows steadily worse in Iraq

By Molly Ivins

AUSTIN, Texas - As one on the liberal side of the chorus of moaners about the decline of civility in politics, I feel a certain responsibility when earnest, spaniel-eyed conservatives like David Brooks peer at us hopefully and say, ''Well, yes, there was certainly a lot of misinformation about WMD before the war in Iraq, but . . . you don't think they, he, actually lied, do you?''
Draw I deep the breath of patience. I factor in the long and awful history of politics and truth, add the immutable nature of pols - fish gotta swim, birds gotta fly - and compare Tonkin Gulf, Watergate and Iran-Contra with the piddly Curveball and Niger uranium. I prepare to respond like a reasonable person - ''Of course not actually lie, per se, in the strict sense'' - and then I listen to another speech about Iraq by either the president or the vice president and find myself screaming, ''Dammit, when will they quit lying?''

Read the whole thing. It's her standard fare, but here's the amazing part. On this day of all days, her assessment of Iraq contains no mention of the elections. Not one. And she presumes to speak on behalf of sanity.

There's nothing more that needs to be said about this, uh, woman.

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