Tuesday, January 17, 2006

The Evil that is the Owl Club

Teddy's terrible secret

STARVING. All kinds of people have been digging deep into history to uncover the evil sexist, racist history of the Owl Club at Harvard. For once it's time to give Teddy a pass. The chief claim to fame of the Owl Club was not secret male-worshipping rituals, but something far simpler than that. Turkey sandwiches. Really good turkey sandwiches always available in the refrigerator for members AND guests (of all sexes). Better than the excrescence shown in the picture above -- no vile cucumbers, just the right amount of mayo, and quantities of rich roast white turkey breast. If Teddy somehow failed to keep up with the recent checkered history of the organization, it's almost certainly because he thought of it as a place where he could always stop in the vicinity of Cambridge to get a between-meal turkey sandwich. Just sign the chit and dig in. You want something more sinister than this explanation? Look at him, for God's sake.

Has this man been eating turkey sandwiches? Yes.

He didn't know the Owl Club was oppressing women like that silly post-prep school in New Jersey Alito went to. Ask him. I'll bet he confirms every word I've said.

IMPORTANT NOTE: All kidding aside, the blogger Mad Mikey needs our help. La Malkin has the links. Do what you can.

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