Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Send him home.

PSAYINGS.5A.19. We frequently disagree with Sean Hannity, but never more so than yesterday, when in characterizing Jimmy Carter's disgraceful performance at the funeral of Coretta Scott King, he referred to Carter on his radio show as the "second worst president of the twentieth century after Bill Clinton." Hannity is dead wrong. Jimmy Carter is, bar none, THE worst president in American history, and it is a source of national shame that he has been allowed to continue screwing things up on the world stage as the worst ex-president in American history. Here's what he did yesterday at the King funeral:

Former President Jimmy Carter later swung at Bush as well, not once but twice. As he talked about the Kings, he said: "It was difficult for them then personally with the civil liberties of both husband and wife violated as they became the target of secret government wiretaps." The crowd cheered as Bush, under fire for a secret wiretapping program he ordered after the September 11, 2001, terrorist attacks, again smiled weakly.

Later, Carter said Hurricane Katrina showed that all are not yet equal in America.

The wizened little trailer trash pipsqueak omitted pointing out that Martin Luther King was wiretapped by Robert Kennedy, the attorney-general for his sainted brother, John F. Kennedy (why has nobody ever cared about that particular gangster appointment, by the way? Just how many decibels would the screaming amount to if GWB named Jeb AG? Right. Shudder...).

This Carter creep is the guy whose stewardship gave us 13.5 percent inflation, a prime rate of 22 percent, 10 percent unemployment, de facto surrender to the thugocracy of the Soviet Union, and -- TA DA! -- the U.S.-sponsored rise of Islamic fascism in the Middle East. It was Carter who took no action of any kind while Pol Pot was murdering a third of Cambodia in the aftermath of the Democratic Party's assassination of South Vietnam. It was Carter who connived at the oveerthrow of the Shah of Iran and enabled the bin-Ladenesque Ayatollah Khomeini to seize power. It was Carter who failed to rescue American hostages taken in a blatant act of war by the Khomeini barbarians, and it was also Carter who presided over the most humiliatingly incompetent military embarrassment in American history.

No matter where you look, Carter's fingerprints are all over every foreign policy crisis we've experienced since he first defaced the Oval Office. It was Carter who backed the communist Sandinistas over the capitalist rebels in Nicaragua. It was Carter who managed to sabotage even the minimal stand the Clinton administration had taken against North Korea's nuclear weapons program. It was Carter who... well... backed the anti-American side in every instance he poked his head into global politics after the electorate hurled him out of the White House in an epic landslide.

And he has the nerve to despoil a funeral for the purpose of sniping at a sitting President who has ten times his guts and twenty times his understanding of world affairs. He should be punched right in the face. For starters.

To call Jimmy Carter a deliberate traitor to his country would be a compliment, because that at least would grant him him the assumption that what he has tried to do he has succeeded in doing. The truth is far worse. This tiny, contemptible, presumptuous, conceited moron has done -- in the name of patriotism and under the influence of a loathesome self-aggrandizing hubris -- more damage to this nation than Benedict Arnold, John Wilkes Booth, and Nathan Bedford Forrest combined.

It's way past time to send this classless, witless, clueless little outbreak of national melanoma home. Back to the Faulknerian nightmare that spawned him. Back to the trailer park. Even they might not accept him. But if that's the case, they will still know how to deal with him.

That's what we're counting on, anyway.

P.S. Shame on you, Sean.

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