Tuesday, February 28, 2006

FEMA Flops Again!

New Orleans buried by another terrible flood, this time of bangles and beads.

CALAMITY. Amid lots of MSM tut-tutting about the poor taste of a Mardi-Gras festival so soon after Hurricane Katrina, MSNBC has acquired shocking photographs of the terrible wave of new devastation being wrought by the indiscriminate tossing of beads by revelers. Here is a photo published by the same news organization of a typical perpetrator:


Just look at her! She's all smiling and white and stuff. And do you see any sign of the National Guard or FEMA officials on the scene preparing to toss out buckets of money to victims of the bead deluge? No. But make no mistake. If we'd listened to MSNBC, this could all have been avoided. Here's their lede:

Was New Orleans ready for Mardi Gras to return? That was the question lurking in the background as thousands of revelers filled the streets to partake in its renowned traditions.

As cheering revelers in purple and green beads hit Bourbon Street before dawn, some residents and refugees wondered whether the time was right for a raucous party just six months after Hurricane Katrina devastated the city.

How long should they have waited? A year? Two? Five? Ten? How much lachrymose pouting is enough to sate the lugubrious emotional correctness of the mass media? Maybe returning New Orleanians should be required to wear black and forego smiling and laughing for an interval deemed suitable by a panel of network anchormen. And it has to be the responsibility of various federal, state, and local officials to head off any paying visitors who might lighten the requisite heavy air of grief in the area's hotels, restaurants, and bars. What we want to see is thousands of people practically catatonic with self-pity, so weak with despair they can barely hold up their arms for a hand-out. That's the American Way.

Repairing the city's staggered economy is not a job for resilient entrepreneurs and smiling out-of-state partiers. It's a dreadful, intolerable burden which must be borne exclusively by the dourly unimaginative minions of government and their tractor-trailers full of rubber checks.

We're afraid it's time for another congressional investigation, so that the correct tonnage of blame for the current onslaught of bead littering can be assigned and prosecuted to the full extent of the law. We're probably going to need another new FEMA director, at a minimum, and maybe another $20 billion in reparations to the pitiful helpless mourners of Louisiana. If he had an ounce of decency, George W. Bush would be on the scene tomorrow, picking up handfuls of beads with his own two dirty hands. Him and about 10,000 FEMA drones.

How could any reasonable person think otherwise?

And while they're at it, they need to arrest this guy:

Too damn buoyant by half.

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