Thursday, March 09, 2006

We will survive.

A role model for the right

A MATTER OF TRUST. This isn't about giving up. It's about being realistic. Republicans in Congress and the electorate are turning their backs on the President in droves for what seem to them very good reasons. They're mad about the Dubai Ports deal, either because they're frightened of the Arabs or disgusted by the administration's incompetent PR performance. They're sick of all the excessive spending and the President's very belated and lame request for a bandaid called the line-item veto. They're mad about illegal immigration, which continues in an unabated flood because of the administration's refusal to stop pandering to the Hispanic vote. They're weary of the war and what appears to be the declining resolve of the Bush administration to answer opportunistic critics or to take the bold new steps needed to defuse the powder keg of Iran. They're embarrassed by all the corruption in Congress, and, yes, the Dems are corrupt too, but so are the Republicans.

All this negative emotion is building to the usual self-destructive behaviors by conservatives. Of all times, now is not the time to pull abortion to center stage and polarize the electorate with a premature assault on Roe v. Wade. So, of course, that's exactly what the social conservatives are in the process of doing. Now is not the time for mainstream conservatives to suddenly start paying attention to the tired old isolationist rhetoric of paleo-conservatives like Buchanan and Buckley. They have nothing new to say, so, of course, bewildered Republicans of all stripes will be finding their antique restatements of the Monroe doctrine incredibly compelling. Now is not the time for Republicans across the country to sit on their hands while the Democrats whale away at the President in order to regain control of the House in the 2006 elections, so, of course, that's what they will do.

Fine. All these are time-honored behaviors and Democrats are much more practiced at putting up with ideological compromises within their own ranks for the sake of being in power. Many Republicans, on the other hand, prefer the convenient ideal of simply being right, win or lose, and especially lose. That's their call.

The only point I'm going to make is that if Republicans do sit on their hands in the upcoming election campaign, the Democrats will win a majority in the House of Representatives. And if they win the House, there is no question whatsoever that they will impeach the President of the United States and paralyze American foreign policy for at least two years. The Iraq war effort and the War on Terror will fall apart. Iran will bluster its way past Europe and the U.N. to realize its nuclear ambitions. And no nation in the middle east or in the broader muslim world will believe the United States has the will to back up its diplomacy with anything but more words.

Is that okay with you? We will survive it all -- the humiliations, the foreign and domestic defeats, the Islamist advances and takeovers, the hideous vindictiveness of a controlling party consumed by hatred rather than ennui. We may eventually undo the decades of damage such a two years will wreak upon us. We'll muddle through it, the way we always do. All I'm asking is whether you're ready yet, or not. It's a lot of fun being mad at George W., and by all means continue, but make sure you're comfortable with the image of him being thrown out of office and possibly into prison as well. When the hate juggernaut gets truly up and running, it has considerable momentum and isn't easy to stop. And most of them won't want to stop until the devastation is complete.

If you're not quite ready yet, here's a little instructional program that will help you. Focus on each little step, and pretty soon you'll quit worrying about everything else. It's really simple and easy when you get the hang of it.

Have fun.

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