Friday, March 10, 2006

The Odd Couple?

Howard Stern and Sean Hannity

. The self-congratulating conservative prig and the self-indulgent adolescent pig. It's not really the mystery that it seems. Of course, Hannity's most devoted fans are nonplussed to hear him defend and promote Stern after years of  (ugh) self-inflating bombast about his own goody-two-shoes morality. The truth is, Hannity and Stern have more in common than not. The cord that binds them is radio, which is what they both live for in their arrested state of development. One has a demonic schtick, the other a holier-than-thou schtick, but there's no one too low on their personal moral scales for either of them to talk to on the air. Stern at least is honest about his pandering, while Hannity is annoyingly disingenuous. If his moral compass were truly oriented the way he claims it is, there'd be no need -- or even excuse -- for him to continue interviewing Al Sharpton, Charlie Rangel, Robert Kennedy, Jr., and a dozen other corrupt lefties he regularly invites onto his show. Limbaugh doesn't interview politicians except on very rare occasions, largely because he doesn't need to, but also because he despises their song-and-dance routine of lies, misrepresentations, and scripted talking points. Hannity sails in fresh every time, endlessly repeating his own mantra of set phrases (evil empire, etc) while denouncing his guests for theirs. It's political vaudeville. Or is it burlesque? Hmmm.

Hannity and Stern are radio whores. They're very good at it, and they have millions of loyal and affectionate listeners. But nobody should take either of them too seriously or become personally fond of them. It doesn't compute. No matter what they claim to value, today's radio show will always come first. Stern has been through his share of personal scandals, and Hannity has still to experience his. But the clock is ticking. In the studio. Where he lives.

No hard feelings. Long may they wave.

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