Wednesday, March 29, 2006

uh, nice start, but...

GETTING BY. We don't want to be a broken record. We don't want to be a broken record. We don't want to be a broken record, but replacing Andrew Card is nothing more than a promising start. What's needed immediately if not sooner, first and foremost, as the Number One top priority (and did we mention right away?) is a completely new communication staff. Utterly. Entirely. New. Maybe people who have some experience at communicating in governance rather than, say, airline corporations or agricultural conglomerates. You know, people who understand that well paid professionals whose job titles include the word 'communications' have a duty to inform and persuade the electorate, cold-cock agenda-driven journalists and their (mis)leading questions, defend key policies against slander and demagoguery, expose partisan lies, make the necessary arguments for change and perseverance, explain complex ideas, herd the braindead housecats of your party's legislators into a solid voting bloc, and advise the President about how to respond to the ceaseless malignant attacks on his character, record, and intentions. You know, communicate.

Next steps? Not to be a broken record, but we got specific about those quite a while back. Maybe you'd be willing to look at them now?

Whatever. There's nothing riding on your decision but the fate of the whole free world. And, of course, the 2006 elections if that makes it seem more important somehow.

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