Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Lay Off The Speaker Guy.

Dennis What's-His-Name. You'd have heartburn too.

PSAYINGS.5Q.45. People are being very unkind to the Big Fella who sits on top of the House of Representatives. Sure, he defended William Jefferson's right not to have his congressional stash searched. Does that mean he should be treated like this (h/t InstaPundit)?

Iím now a former republican

Hastert tells President Bush FBI raid was unconstitutional

Just sent this to my congressman:

Please inform the Republican leadership that Iíve listened carefully to their comments about Mr. Jefferson and the searching of his office. I have thought about what they have said and decided to change my party affiliation. I no longer wish to be counted as a republican. The speaker has been a weak voice for cutting spending and for immigration reform but a loud voice when his own privilege is at stake.

I no longer know what this party stands for except apparently the self-protection of its own elected officials.

Sheesh. If you kept a full-size refrigerator in your suit, wouldn't you be just a little protective of your right to have a 12-course meal snack when you want one without the FBI crawling up inside your haberdashery? Sure you would. Even the thought of all those flatfoots rooting through your private comestibles would be enough to give you an upset tummy. (And it takes a BIG tummy to feel all of William Jefferson's pain about now.) As for all that "unconstitutional" talk, The Speaker has been way too hungry busy the past few years to do more than scan the dadblasted thing -- or failing that, have it scanned for him by a waiter staffer. Anyway, what he probably really meant to say was that searching congressional refrigerators is uncondimental. We agree.

Cut him some slack. If you want to know exactly how much slack he needs, you can contact his tailor here.

UPDATE. Not surprisingly, Michelle Malkin is linking to more abuse of What's-his-name. She's obviously way too thin to understand the sensitivity of the fridge issue.

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