Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Hillary's Marble Brassiere

Victoria's Secret is calling it the Imperatricks.

ROLE MODEL. We found this courtesy of The Corner, along with this bit of explanation:

New York, NY- July, 26 2006—- A presidential bust of Hillary Clinton is set to be unveiled at the Museum of Sex on August 9, 2006 at 10 am. Accentuating her sexual power and bolstered by the presidential seal, The Presidential Bust of Hillary Rodham Clinton: The First Woman President of the United States of America will be officially open for public viewing on August 9 for a limited six week run.

Artist Daniel Edwards describes this new sculpture as capturing Clinton “with her head held high, a youthful spirit and a face matured by wisdom. Presented in a low cut gown, her cleavage is on display prominently portraying sexual power which some people still consider too threatening.”...

...Edwards’ inspiration for the piece was derived from actress Sharon Stone’s controversial quote earlier in the year about challenges that would most likely be encountered should the Junior Senator from New York run on the ’08 ticket. “I think Hillary Clinton is fantastic,” Stone said. “But I think it is too soon for her to run. This may sound odd but a woman should be past her sexuality when she runs. Hillary still has sexual power and I don’t think people will accept that. It’s too threatening.”

We're not sure 'threatening' is the right word. If she attempted to show them off to us like this in person, we might very well run away, but not because we felt threatened. It's that something's wrong with the image -- the head doesn't go with the, well, bust. For example, doesn't this look more natural somehow?

Yeah, it does. The sculpture being peddled by the Museum of Sex is a fraud. We're not being shown female power here, but male power. Take a look at the head up top again. The eyes are not Hillary Clinton's but Julius Caesar's, bent on conquest and absolute power. That may be some part of her ambitionm but it's no part of her supposed compassion, understanding, and female caring. That's why we'd run away. We 're repulsed rather than attracted by men with female bodies. Part woman and part anything else is a turn-off. We'd feel the same way about a sphinx, a gorgon, or a, er, harpy.

If you want to have sex with it, go ahead.


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