Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Changing of the ThongGuard

SACRED TRUTHS. So, after several years of sound and fury signifying nothing everything important, Air America is finally augering in.

Air America Radio will announce a major restructuring on Friday, which is expected to include a bankruptcy filing, three independent sources have told ThinkProgress.

Air America could remain on the air under the deal, but significant personnel changes are already in the works. Sources say five Air America employees were laid off yesterday and were told there would be no severance without capital infusion or bankruptcy.

The really excellent news is that on the same day, a brand new radio enterprise has been announced by Gloria Steinem and Jane Fonda, who have figured out -- after much objective deliberation -- that talk radio is generally male, combative, and in need of the soft woman's touch so long exemplified by these two icons of female gentility, tact, and grace:

Greenstone Media, a radio company whose founders include social activist Gloria Steinem and actress Jane Fonda, has launched an all-women, all-talk network across the United States.

Steinem said the network, which is run by women, aims to provide an alternative to current radio talk, which she describes as "very argumentative, quite hostile, and very much male-dominated."

This network "has a different spirit. It has more community. It's more about information, about humor, about respect for different points of view and not constant arguing," Steinem told Reuters in an interview.

But Greenstone also hopes to attract male listeners.

This sounds like an opening for a show by Randi Rhodes, who definitely knows how to do the obscene, scatological name-calling that all men prefer in their political analysis and,who, let's be honest, may just possibly be in need of employment sometime during the next few weeks.

I know I can't wait to feel the warm waves of feminine intelligence oozing from the radio on a regular basis. I had a tiny taste today on the Rush Limbaugh show when a cultured, highly educated liberal woman called Rush to show him the error of his ways in sponsoring the evil people who are determined to destroy our great nation by warring against muslim fanatics. It was a joy. She was articulate, forcible without being loud, and it took her a full 45 seconds to get around to comparing his powers of perception with his total hearing loss. When it comes right down to it, everyone must concede that women are just nicer all around than men.

And their promotional merchandise is always much more exciting too.

Triangulating on Truth

Get ready, folks. Air America may soon be a memory, but help is on the way.

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