Monday, December 18, 2006

Bednarik, Meet Dawkins

TruePunk is resting.

EAGLES. That was cute and all, but most insurgencies are mere tantrums and are best handled the same way. Let the idiot child vent and then clap him in irons when he begins to tire.

Now, on to the important stuff. I have totally trashed the Philadelphia Eagles more than once in this blog, and I feel the need to give credit where credit is due. Where it's due is to Brian Dawkins, who is the greatest Philadelphia Eagle since Chuck Bednarik.

Late in the third period of yesterday's game, my best hope for a defeat of the Giants was a Dawkins safety blitz that would pressure Eli Manning into a too-hurried long pass which would be deflected by Brian Dawkins and then intercepted downfield by Brian Dawkins and run back all the way for a touchdown by Brian Dawkins.

Actually, that's almost how the Eagles did win the game. Dawkins defeated the New York Giants yesterday by making one-fifth of his team's tackles, forcing two fumbles, scoring his 31st lifetime interception, and carrying his teammates on his back to the brink of the playoffs. Somehow, he was simultaneously everywhere on the field -- much like he always is. Only this time, there were fewer overpraised superstars on the field to conceal the fact that this team's fortunes depend always, absolutely, on his implacable will to win.

Yes, others contributed. Jeff Garcia was hotheadedly inspirational and effective. Brian Westbrook was as brilliant as he would have been all season if the Eagles had decided to run the ball like an NFL team instead of toss it about perpetually like the Montreal Alouettes of the Canadian Badminton League. Andy Reid was 180-degrees opposite his usual self, actually displaying the guts to go for it on fourth-and goal in the first half. I'm still worrying that the strain of such a risky decision will result in a brief hospitalization for stress, which would not be good given the nearness of the climactic game with the Cowboys on Christmas Day. My fingers are crossed.

Regardless of what happens the rest of the way, all Eagles fans owe Brian Dawkins a game-long standing ovation. Without this soaring raptor their team would be 3 and 11. With him, they still have a chance to win their division.

That's what I call a true punk. Fly, Eagles, fly.

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