Thursday, February 08, 2007

Defending the Edwards Blog Queens

Amanda Marcotte & Melissa McEwan

RATIONAL INQUIRY. I've been busy on other matters, so I missed most of the flap about the two women John Edwards hired to do "outreach" to liberals in the blogosphere. Conservatives especially have been irate about several things: their seeming prejudice against Christians, particularly Catholics; their propensity for earthy Anglo-Saxon diction; the opportunity seized by the MSM to characterize them as typical of all bloggers; their belated attempts to sanitize the blogs they wrote before hiring on with the Edwards campaign; and, most recently, John Edwards's decision to keep them on staff because he believed their assurances they meant no insult to any race, sex, or religion.

What are the facts? Amanda Marcotte has a B.A. in English Literature from St. Edward’s University in Austin, Texas. She wrote numerous posts for a blog titled Pandagon in which she repeatedly explained the impeccable logic and moral superiority of the liberal (i.e., tolerant) preference for secular reasonableness over the irrational and largely hostile prejudices of white, male, Christian, Republican varieties of the American populace.

Melissa McEwan studied cultural anthropology, sexuality, and gender at Loyola University, Chicago. She wrote her posts for a blog called Shakespeare's Sister and almost incredibly demonstrated the same level of proficiency shown by Amanda in persuading her readers of the greater appeal of liberal policies when they are examined in the specific context of conservative ignorance, fear, and reaction.

Yet despite these dazzling accomplishments, multiple otherwise clear-thinking conservatives have not only failed to defend them from the winds of political opportunism but have even presumed to make fun of them.

For this kind of unacceptable behavior I must specifically indict:

Michelle Malkin's HotAir video, in which she read entries out loud in what can only be called a jeering tone;

IowaHawk's inexcusable lampooning of the same and kindred entries in an unkind post called The Pandagon Papers;


Little Green Footballs, who actually hunted down entries which had been deleted since the two joined the Edwards campaign.

For shame. Regular readers of InstaPunk will already have understood that these two remarkable ladies deserve praise rather than ridicule for persevering in their commentary despite being afflicted with New Tourette's Syndrome, which is running epidemic throughout the liberal universe and is by no means limited to the blogosphere. Here is what Dr. Tourette wrote of the ailment when he first identified it in 1884:

“In the midst of an interesting conversation, all of a sudden, without being able to prevent it, she interrupts what she is saying or what she is listening to with horrible screams and with words that are even more extraordinary than her screams. All of this contrasts deplorabl(y) with her distinguished manners and background. These words are, for the most part, offensive curse words and obscene saying(s). These are no less embarrassing for her than for those who have to listen, the expressions being so crude that an unfavorable opinion of the woman is almost inevitable.”

No surprise, I suppose, that it's the intolerant conservatives who so abysmally fail to understand what is obvious to all liberals about all who come to grief: THEY CAN'T HELP IT.

No less an icon than Dr. Samuel Johnson was afflicted with (old) Tourettes. As to the new strain, it's apparently even more pernicious and resistant to treatment than the old. So what good does it do to repeat and exaggerate their spontaneous explosions, to parody them in deadly bursts of satire, or to tear away the veils of modesty they apply after the fact to conceal the grossest acts of self-humiliation a normal person can conceive of?

I say, be done with the ridicule. Let us follow the worthy model of John Edwards in understanding their plight. God bless him. And good luck to these poor, pitiable, benighted liberals of the female persuasion. May God lend them aid and comfort in their hour of need, just as they have so often afforded aid and comfort to the enemies of our nation.


UPDATE. Thankfully, the Anchoress knows what's what. She almost always does.

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