Friday, February 16, 2007

Right Again.

Another Brit bitch subscribes to Suicide Fashion.

INSTAPUNK RULES. If we had a publicist, we'd be calling her up about now to get out the word of another spot-on InstaPunk prediction. Back in March 2006, we wrote:

[T]he whole purpose of fashion is to attract, to propose the esthetic appeal of new influences, however difficult, and to begin the process of inseminating the popular culture with those influences. Are we being warned or inured? It's anyone's guess which is the intent here. Regardless, the once alien images and concepts of the world's only philosophically bellicose major religion are being smuggled into our everyday consciousness. If Europe becomes, as Mark Steyn predicts, Eurabia, this will have been one of the incremental steps along the way.

The United States is less endangered than Europe by Islamic cultural absorption. I do recommend, though, that American parents keep closer track than they have so far of the fashion trends that sweep through the teen and pre-teen boutiques where their daughters shop for the latest and greatest in chic attire. Be on the alert for variations on the theme of headscarves and veils and desert robes.

We published a follow-on piece in July 2006. Now, though, the Malkin Mob has suddenly gotten concerned about recent developments in the fashion industry. At Hot Air, you can discover the shocking news that a British designer has adopted the Islamic practice of covering up women's faces as a chic fashion statement. Her name is Louise Goldin, and some of her work is shown above. More alarmingly, perhaps, the youth-oriented fashion magazine Marie Claire is also featuring Islamic attire as hip and trendy.

Do you know where your daughter's shopping?

As we suggested a year ago, last year's runway trick becomes this year's mass market hit. But we're more tired this year than we were last year, and if western women don't have any problem dressing up as captives and slaves of a barbarian faith, who are we to judge? What the hell. Apparently women the world over will do absolutely anything to attract a moment's attention, and if they get the hang of muslim modesty, maybe the beatings they're asking for won't be quite as humiliating for them as what Hollywood (absolutely, positively NSFW) is pushing.

All we're learning is that there's very little point in accurate prediction. People will go right on being dumb no matter how smart we are in advance or how outraged the Malkinistas are after the fact.

Maybe we'll be in a better mood tomorrow.

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